Getting Started As An Affiliate

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Once you become an affiliate, you are assigned and affiliate code that starts with a question mark and ends in your particular affiliate number. 
Your affiliate code is: [affiliates_url][/affiliates_url]
Your affiliate code can be added to our main URL or to any page you find throughout the website.
Here is an example which will send your customers to our Home page:
Here is an example which will send your customers directly to a product page:

Here are 3 ways to immediately implement your affiliate program code:

  1. Post your affiliate link to our website as one of your suppliers
  2. Write blog featuring a product or technique like laser cutting and link a "shop here" button.  Then share your post on social media and an email blast to prospective customers.
  3. For in store customers, shop the website with your customer. They may decide to purchase with your assistance or you can email them the link to shop at their leisure.