A Little “Palm” Before The Snow


We here at Stationery Bliss in Miam, are hearing rumors the the snow has started to fall. So we thought to send you a little "Palm" before the snow!


NEW to StationeryBliss.com is the Pebble Paper Wrapped Invitation with a double layer seal and double layer insert wording. Customize the tab with a monogram, Palm Tree or the design of choice to match your theme.


The Pebble Paper is available in Pearl, Gold and Silver. Additional colors like White, champagne and more are available upon request.


The tab and insert are accented on the boarder but a contrasting color paper bottom layer and provide added sturdiness to the over all look and feel.




Shop StationeryBliss.com or visit our Bird Road Miami Store for more design options. Or schedule an appointment for an in-store or phone consultation to discuss options and customizing your invitation.


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