Flourish Laser Cut Invitation


The Flourish Laser Cut Invitation features a unique laser cut flourish pattern design which opens as a gate fold.

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Flourish Laser Cut Invitation

The Flourish Laser Cut Invitation features a unique laser cut flourish pattern design with decorative pearl accents.
Opens as a gate fold.

About This Design:
  • Invitation Type: Gate Fold
  • Techniques Used: Laser Cutting / Layering
  • Invitation Size: 7 1/4 Square
  • Envelope Size: 7 1/2 Square
  • Laser Cut Paper Type: Cover Stock
  • Printed Layer Paper Type: Cover Stock

Additional information

Quantity (W)

Sample Invitations – $9.50, 25 Invitation – $525.00, 50 Invitation – $650.00, 75 Invitation – $850.00, 100 Invitation – $950.00, 125 Invitation – $1,175.00, 150 Invitation – $1,350.00, 175 Invitation – $1,435.00, 200 Invitation – $1,585.00, 225 Invitation – $1,750.00, 250 Invitation – $1,885.00, 275 Invitation – $2,000.00

Select Ink Color

Amethyst Metallic Thermography, Azalea Flat Ink, Black Flat, Black Pearl Metallic Thermography, Black Thermography, Brown Flat, Brown Metallic Thermography, Brown Thermography, Burgundy Flat, Burgundy Thermography, Champagne Metallic Thermography, Cherry Red Flat Ink, Copper Metallic Thermography, Fairway Flat Ink, Gold Metallic Thermography, Grappa Flat Ink, Grey Flat, Grey Thermography, Lavender Flat, Lavender Thermography, Light Blue Flat Ink, Lime Flat Ink, Navy Flat, Navy Metallic Thermography, Navy Thermography, Pink Flat, Pink Thermography, Rose Metallic Thermography, Ruby Metallic Thermography, Silver Metallic Thermography, Turquoise Flat Ink

Wrap Paper Options

Amber Metallic, Amethyst Metallic, Anthracite Metallic, Antique Gold Metallic, Aqua Matte, Aquamarine Metallic, Azalea Metallic, Black Matte, Blue Matte, Bronze Metallic, Brown Matte, Burgundy Matte, Champagne Linen Metallic, Copper Metallic, Coral Matte, Coral Metallic, Dark Orange Matte, Dark Purple Matte, Dark Red Matte, Emerald Metallic, Fairway Metallic, Fine Gold Metallic, Flame Metallic, Gold Matte, Gold Metallic, Golden Green Matte, Golf Leaf Metallic, Green Matte, Grey Matte, Ivory Linen Matte, Ivory Linen Metallic, Ivory Smooth Matte, Jupiter Metallic, Kunzite Metallic, Lagoon Metallic, Lapis Lazuli Metallic, Light Aqua Matte, Light Blue Matte, Light Brown Matte, Light Green Matte, Light Grey Matte, Light Lime Matte, Light Purple Matte, Light Yellow Matte, Lime Metallic, Lustre Metallic, Magenta Matte, Malachite Metallic, Mars Metallic, Navy Matte, Nude Metallic, Olive Matte, Onyx Metallic, Opal Metallic, Orange Matte, Pearlized Cocoa Metallic, Pink Matte, Punch Metallic, Purple Matte, Quartz Metallic, Red Matte, Rose Metallic, Ruby Metallic, Sapphire Metallic, Serpentine Metallic, Silver Metallic, Tan Matte, Teal Matte, Violette Metallic, White Ice Metallic, White Linen Matte, White Linen Metallic, White Smooth Matte


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