A Proposal at Gurney’s Montauk

Just imagine, you are whisked away for a romantic weekend at Gurney’s Montauk, a romantic year-round resort in the Hamptons.

After a romantic dinner at sundown, at no less than at world renowned Scarpetta, you are escorted for dessert on the beach side deck.

Gurneys unique proposal ideas

As you walk the deck, you come across a candle lit area and realize the glimmering luminary bags read “WILL YOU MARRY ME” as what is now your soon to be fiancée drops to one knee and utters those magical words…

Luminary Bags

By day, or by night, your fiancée will say “YES!”

At Gurney’s Montauk, they’ve come up with a great way to help couples pop the question.  This Montauk, New York spot has the most spectacular oceanfront setting for an intimate and unique proposal.

Stationery Bliss is thrilled that Gurney’s is setting the mood for that special moment with our custom luminary bags.

Luminary Bags

Photos provided by Gurney’s Montauk

Plan your Gurney’s Montock proposal at http://gurneysmontauk.com/

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