Student Desk Shield Sneeze Guard Barrier

Bliss Imprint’s Student Desk Shields are available in 3 Desk Guard options starting as low as $9.99.

Option 1: Clear PET 0.7 Plastic with Velcro strip application. This desk shield is our most economical option and can used for students that are stationery at a desk to to travel from classroom to classroom. The material is similar to that of a plastic folder, pliable and virtually unbreakable.

Option 2 and 3: 100% Clear View Polycarbonate Acrylic which comes in thicknesses of 2MM (1/8″) and 4MM (1/4″). This unit comes with metal hinges for folding, and 4 “feet” which attach with double stick tape to the desk. Although the feet firmly grip the virtually indestructible Polycarbonate, it can be pulled out and folded closed for storage.

For information, pricing and details call 305.661.0999 or online at

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