On February 19th, just before her walk down the aisle, Actress, Angelica Vale, gave Sábado Gigante's Don Francisco an exclusive tour of her wedding site. Watch for the Natural Impression Design Menus at the end, described as “Works of Art” during
a later re-airing on Univision’s Entertainment Talk Show, Sal y Pimienta.


On December 19th, Actress, Angelica Vale, made a Univision appearance and so did our invitation. The segment, on the Entertainment News Show, "Sal y Pimienta," featured Angelica hand-delivering invitations.



A box of invitations, shipped to Mexico for the family and friends of Actress, Angelica Vale, was lost in transit!
Rest assured, at the suggestion of Natural Impression Design, all Invitations, Response Cards & Admission Cards were numbered and assigned to each individual guest. A great tip for… every Bride!


On January 7, 2011, the invitation made an appearance
on MegaTV's Entertainment Talk Show, Paparazzi TV.


GyF Photo


On December 17th, Angelica Vale co-hosted Univision's top-rated Entertainment Talk Show
"El Gordo y La Flaca" and discussed her wedding planning. An entire segment was dedicated
to displaying and reading the invitation on-air, to millions of viewers. Video is not currently available.


Casino Video by Natural Impression Design



MTV's My Super Sweet 16 Commercial
here to see addition footage of the Episode featuring the invitation


A clip from the talk show Cotorreando, features the Disco Ball Invitation
designed by Natural Impression Design. Originally designed for the
Disco Themed Birthday Celebration for Singer, Gloria Estefan.


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